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A Reunion of the Greatest Comedy Writers

On January 24, 1996 at the Writers Guild Theater in Los Angeles, CA, legendary comic Sid Caesar was reunited with nine of his writers from Your Show of Shows and Caesar’s Hour. The event was taped, and later broadcast on PBS in the United States, and the BBC in the UK as a 1 hour special, with only select portions of the full two-hour event. The full event was previously available only as a VHS, offered as a pledge premium by local PBS stations. Now, the full two-hour special CAESAR’S WRITERS is available on DVD for the first time! Be prepared to laugh non-stop as the panel, made up of head writer Mel Tolkin, Caesar, Carl Reiner, Aaron Ruben, Larry Gelbart, Mel Brooks, Neil Simon, Danny Simon, Sheldon Keller, and Gary Belkin share stories about their time working on Caesar’s shows and offer their insights about writing comedy. Buy Now!

Reviews and Articles:

David Bianculli on NPR’s Fresh Air (2012)
Aaron Sorkin in Huffington Post (2011)
TIME Magazine (2001)
LA Times (1996)
NY Times (1996)

Letter from a happy CW fan:


I bought this years ago on VHS when I was a kid. To get it I had to become a member of PBS for some massive amount of money that I had to borrow from my parents, who couldn’t comprehend spending so much money for a video tape, so I reminded them that it was also the home of Sesame Street, so they relented. Funny thing is, I was never much a fan of the Muppets.

Over the years the tape got lost and I’ve been searching for it high and low. I even went to the Museum of Television in New York looking for a copy, but to no avail. This morning I decided to do a Google search again with no real hope of finding it, and there it is!   Thank you so much for making this available.


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